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Loxus offers tailor-made solutions, creating and developing customized jewelry for those looking for unique and special pieces. 
We renovate old jewelry bearing affective memories, suggesting a new design, and keeping the essence of the stones, which most of the time have a beautiful history behind them.
This is LOXUS redesign: transforming old jewelry or unique stones into modern and timeless pieces, keeping the care and respect deserved by each piece.

LOXUS offers a unique receipt service of old jewelry, which is appraised (through the international standard of gold price) and transformed into credits to purchase a piece of new jewelry. 
In this service, the metal and its content are appraised, and if the jewelry contains stones, they are removed and delivered to the client, who may also choose to use them to create a new piece under the guidance of our team. 
For further information, contact us or visit our store. Our consultants will be glad to serve you.

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